ChangePoint Alaska


Our story is a testimony of redemption. We have experienced joy, pain, victory, defeat, laughter and heartache, but in the midst of the deepest trials we have always found that God is faithful and there is freedom in Him!

ChangePoint's story stretches over 25 years. In 1989 our church body started as a handful of people meeting in South Anchorage. Since then ChangePoint remains a community committed to being transformed by Jesus together.

We are a community of broken people discovering what it means to enjoy God together. We are about being transformed by the person of Jesus. We are committed to demonstrating the heart of Jesus to Alaska and the world beyond. We are about professing redemption, not perfection. We are about making disciples and being disciples.

Ultimately, we are about the gospel woven into our lives and changing who we are, because we are about Jesus.

The best way to truly find out about us is to join us and hear firsthand how the transformational power of Jesus is continually changing us.

Sunday Service Times:    9:30am  /  11:30am  /  6:00pm