ChangePoint Alaska


ChangePoint is led by an Elder Team of men who are called by God to the office of Elder and who meet the qualifications of spiritual leadership laid out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

Each individual member of the Elder Team is publicly affirmed by the ChangePoint family and finally ordained by the current members of the ChangePoint Elder team.  

The Elder Team consists of both a majority of lay-leaders who are uncompensated for their service and a minority of staff who receive compensation.

The Elder Team is responsible to oversee all aspects of the life and the health of the church and its members. 

Responsibilities of the Elder Team:

1.  To oversee and guide the spiritual life of the Church. 

2.  To oversee the biblical doctrine of teaching and biblical practices of the Church.

3.  To provide spiritual direction and vision for the Church.

4.  To provide spiritual covering and care for the entire Church family.

5.  To graciously exercise spiritual discipline if necessary in accordance with Matthew 18:15-20.

The Board of Directors is a subset of the Elder Team consisting only of Elders who receive no compensation for their service.  The Board of Directors is responsible for the business affairs of the church including the financial decisions of the church; the hiring, firing, performance reviews, and compensation of Elders who also serve as paid staff; and all other duties related to the physical property and fiduciary responsibilities of ChangePoint Church.


Doug WidenerElder

Eric KnightElder

Les Anderson
Joel Engle
Scott Merriner
Rick Steele

Sunday Service Times:    9:30am  /  11:30am  /  6:00pm