Community Life exists to bring people closer to Christ and to cultivate relationships with each other.

Life Groups

It is our prayer and passion for all who call ChangePoint their church home to be in a transformational Life Group where they are transformed together in ever deepening friendships, growing in spiritual truth, and caring well for one another.

Most are home-based small groups, but others have a larger capacity. The best ways to be part of a Life Group are to Host a group, join through a Learning Group, or through one of our mid-size groups listed below. (Men, Women, Young Professionals).

Hosting a group

We would love to help you gather your friends, family, and neighbors into a Life Group. We have a team that will train you and support you, as well as give you great tools for success.

Registration to become a host group leader will begin soon!

Host a Group

Learning Groups

Learning Groups are the place to get connected! Relationships are formed and Life Groups are launched here. the Bible based teaching makes Learning Groups a great place to go for specific equipping and encouragement. Check back soon for a list of our upcoming learning groups.

Men’s Community

At ChangePoint Men’s Community we invite and challenge men to become disciples of Jesus Christ as they partner with their brothers in Christ. We believe that real men:
Reject passivity
Accept responsibility
Lead courageously,
Expect God’s greater reward.

We desire to encourage, support, connect and equip men who will embrace the call of God in their lives to influence the spheres God has placed them in for the advancement of His kingdom here on earth.

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Women’s Community

God created us to live life in relationship – with Him, and with each other. ChangePoint Women’s Community exists to deepen our relationship with God through His Word, as we grow in our relationships with other women through shared hearts, laughter, and tears.

Women’s Community is for every age and stage of life, and spiritual maturity. Our desire is to be sisters, doing life together by coming alongside one another through prayer and encouragement. Please join us!

Women’s Community Mornings meets Wednesdays from 9:30-11:30am

Women’s Community Evenings meets Wednesdays from 6:30-8:15pm

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Redemption Group Immersion

A Redemption Group™ is an intense small group where participants experience the transforming love of God in life’s deepest areas of sin and suffering.

Redemption Groups are about your life connecting with Jesus’ life in community. Group participants actively engage with one another: listening, sharing, comforting, and challenging. Group discussions tend to be very candid. The experience tends to help participants grow in how they relate to God, themselves, and others with greater love and honesty.

Redemption Group Immersion is a three-day small group experience that digs deep into difficult and seldom-discussed areas of life, such as abuse, addiction, and trials of all sorts.

Attendance at all three days is required. Immersion begins each day at 8:30am and concludes at 6:30pm on Friday and Saturday and at 8:00pm on Sunday.

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All-Church Community Life Cookouts
June 10, July 15, August 19
ChangePoint front patio

The whole family is welcome to join us on the front patio for our summer cookouts. We will be serving hot dogs and chips. No registration is required and there is no charge.

We will also be having a welcome orientation after each service in the Prayer Room at the back of the Commons for anyone who is new to ChangePoint or interested in finding out more about how to get involved.