Investing in God’s kingdom here at ChangePoint

Generously • Consistently • Cheerfully

Jesus tells us that our time, talent and money are not our own – but have been invested with us to manage on His behalf. He expects us to manage His investment wisely and bring Him a return on that investment.

While there are many excellent organizations worthy of financial support, we believe that nothing is more effective or important than people finding life in Christ. God designed the church to be His primary vehicle to declare and demonstrate life in Christ.

When you invest in God’s kingdom work at ChangePoint, you are investing in the restoration of lives throughout our city, across our state, and around the world.

Your giving impacts future generations

Your investment means that hundreds of children have a safe, fun and intentional environment where they can learn about Jesus, see God’s heart, and experience His love.

Your giving brings healing

People are having their lives put back together by Jesus at ChangePoint all the time.

Watch the video to see how.

Your giving changes the world

We can accomplish together, what we could never do alone. As a church family, ChangePoint is engaged in ministry all over the world. Your investment here doesn’t just stay here. It’s used all across the state and around the world to bring the message of life in Christ.

Benefits of regularly giving back to the Lord financially.


Giving builds personal faith – as I give back to the Lord first, I take tangible steps to trust Him to meet my needs.


Giving helps maintain personal life focus on eternal and spiritual things.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

Funds Ministry

Personal giving is how God has always intended His work to be resourced.

Financial FAQ

We send giving statements quarterly to everyone who gave in the prior quarter. You can also call the church office and ask for a statement to be mailed to you at any time. Additionally, you can view your giving statement online through the online giving portal.
The staff in the Finance department sees how much you give. It is also possible that ushers may occasionally inadvertently see checks as they are emptied out of offering containers. Neither Elders nor staff outside of the Finance department ever sees this information.
In the Old Testament, 10% was the portion of honor that many gave back to God. The New Testament is silent on the subject of how much to give. We believe this is because it’s all about relationship, not amount. If God had given us a flat amount or percentage, we would likely give to that level and no further, thinking very little about it. Instead, God desires that we interact with Him as we consider how much to give. He wants the process to draw us closer to Him. He wants us to be open to whatever He lays on our heart. We believe a good goal is to be on a trajectory to give a greater percentage of gross income back to Him over time.
Proverbs 22:7 says, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” Nowhere does the Bible prohibit debt (although it does prohibit charging usury or excessive interest). On the other hand, debt is not spoken of in favorable terms. At the very least, it seems prudent to avoid debt that may put us in compromising situations (for instance, owing more money than the underlying asset is worth). We believe the issue is contentment, not debt. Debt oftentimes is a symptom of being discontent. Paul exhorts us to follow his example in Philippians 4:9, then several verses later talks about how he has learned to be content in whatever circumstances he is in. In I Timothy 6:6, he tells Timothy that “godliness with contentment is great gain.” As with giving, we believe Christ would have us interact with Him over spending and borrowing decisions. In the end, He desires that we represent Him well, which means fulfilling our obligations to others (see Romans 13:6-7).
Not in most cases. Exceptions include instances when we specifically request “over and above” giving (building projects and scholarships to events, for example), and benevolence.
Yes we do. Lot’s of them. To find out who we support throughout our city, across Alaska and around the world click here.
The church is audited annually by an independent Certified Public Accountant. You may request a copy from the Finance office. Budget information is shared in a variety of ways with the body throughout the year. Specific questions may be directed to Brenda Hanson, Finance Director. We also post a Monthly Financial Update which you can view by clicking the link below.
It is a documented fact that personal credit card debt is a growing problem for many people today. If this is an area of struggle for you (likely the case if you do not pay your balance off in full each month), we want to be part of the solution, not make the problem worse. Will you let us be a part of the solution? We would love the opportunity to discuss this further with you in person or on the phone.