Meet God at
Kattivik Bible Camp 2022

Kattivik 2022 marks our 10 year camp anniversary! We couldn't be more excited for how God has used our camp so far, and how He will use it in the years to come!
Located up the Noatak River, 30 miles north of Kotzebue, Alaska.
The theme this year is "There and Back Again" with an emphasis on Ephesians 2:13
"But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ."
We know, your inner nerd is spinning right now. IYKYK.
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Spiritual Growth

We believe the power of God flows through His Word, so we are first and foremost a Bible Camp aimed to give you a place to personally meet the Lord. We bring in special guest speakers who share the Word in an illuminating and entertaining way. You will leave the camp knowing God more than you did when you arrived.

Emotional Growth

We know that all mankind needs to have an understanding on their emotions. However, these emotions many times are shut down through life, leading to issues such as addictions and suicide. We teach youth how to speak openly and freely, in a place without judgement, and learn how to both accept, and share, their story.

Cultural Growth

A large majority of our youth campers are Native Alaskan Inupiaq. We want our native youth to learn more about the culture of our people, as well as those who are not Inupiaq to learn how we live and share with our culture. We take our youth fishing, shooting, hiking, and do various daily chores, all a part of learning more about what makes us us.