Jesus tells a story of two people who go to church to speak with God:

One person is very religious and proud – and he thanks God that he isn’t sinful like other people.

The other person knows he isn’t perfect, and asks God to meet him where he is today.

Who do you think Jesus said was accepted by God?

Welcome to a church for less-than-perfect people.

Come see for yourself.

The best way to truly find out about us is to join us and hear firsthand how the transformational power of Jesus is continually changing us.

6689 ChangePoint Drive, Anchorage, AK 99518

By the way, your kids are going to love this.

Studies have repeatedly shown, church is great for kids. Kids who regularly attend church:

  • Complete more years of education.
  • Are less likely to live in poverty.
  • Are less likely to be depressed.
  • Are less likely to use drugs or engage in other high-risk behaviors.

So why not bring them to a church kids love?
At ChangePoint kids from birth-5th grade go through AdventureLand, a fun-filled, action-packed, Bible-based program that teaches kids that following Jesus is the greatest adventure you can have!

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Even if they’re teenagers.


CPSM (ChangePoint Student Ministries) offers programs for 7th-12th grade students.

Not only does CPSM offer all kinds of fun and crazy activities, every student in CPSM is paired up with adult mentors for them and a small group of their peers.

The teen years are a critical time when young people decide who they’re going to be as adults. As parents, we all need help from other trusted adults investing in our children as they navigate the transition into adulthood.

And that is what CPSM is all about.

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So join us this Sunday, and see for yourself.