MOPS Scholarship Application

Thank you for your desire to be a part of CPAK MOPS Groups!

The heart of CPAK MOPS is to include any mother who wishes to join MOPS regardless of her financial  situation. Because we want to be a good steward of the funds available, please prayerfully consider what your family can contribute toward the cost of MOPS and make your request for only the amount necessary to enable you to attend MOPS.  Whatever you can contribute towards your fees will allow us to help the maximum number of women possible. We ask that you keep the scholarship and the amount received confidential, and we will do the same.
The annual MOPS International Membership fee is $32.  MOPS KidsClub fees are prorated per child and paid by semester Fall (Sept-Dec ) and Spring (Jan-May).

Kidsclub Fees per semester are:
$40 first child
$30 second child
$20 third+ child

All scholarships are made on a case-by-case basis.
We trust that all requests for assistance are based on true need.

We ask that you ponder the questions below:
❖ How much of a priority is attending MOPS in my life?
❖ How much do I spend on other membership fees/dues, supplies for other clubs, or hobbies that I participate in?
❖ Are there areas in my life that I could adjust my disposable income spending in order to afford MOPS?

While we try to award as many requests as possible, we have limited funds for scholarships and want to be able to bless as many women as possible. For this reason, with any scholarship awarded, we will be asking you to exchange volunteer time to help MOPS grow and flourish as a ministry.
Areas you may serve in: childcare, setup/takedown of meetings, fundraising, etc. By submitting this application, you are accepting the terms of any scholarship money awarded.

Due to the nature of registration, scholarships are not combinable with any other registration initiatives.

Scholarship Policy