everything we do is centered around our vision, to bring:

Life in Christ for every Alaskan and the world beyond.

We believe that real life is only found when we’re reconciled to God, through Jesus. Jesus said that He came that we might have abundant, overflowing life (John 10:10), and there are hundreds of people at ChangePoint who have experienced that life.

Everything is so much better with Jesus. Because we believe that, we want to offer life in Christ to every Alaskan and the world beyond. One of the greatest gifts that God gives us when we begin to experience life in Christ, is a new family of redeemed people, experiencing that life with and through each other. Christianity is not a solo thing you do in the woods. It is in community that we see Jesus and learn to walk in His life.

our mission as a church is:

To live as a community intentionally focused on cultivating the life of Christ in others.

We see Christ’s forgiveness as we forgive each other. We see his grace as we’re generous with each other. We learn to live like him as we correct and encourage each other. You get the idea.

While there are tons of little ways that we cultivate the life of Christ in each other, we’ve summarized them into three core categories to make it easier to think about: Enjoying God together, being transformed together, and demonstrating the heart of Jesus together.

we’re focused on:

Enjoying God Together

In Jesus, God Himself came on a rescue mission to heal and redeem us. He lived the life we should have lived, died the death we should have died – and rose again to give us God’s eternal life. He defeated sin and death. Now he’s ruling over the whole world, and He invites us into His family so that we can be healed, restored, redeemed and ultimately live with Him forever.

That’s really great news!

Our first core practice is just enjoying God and celebrating what He’s done for us, so we sing His praises every Sunday. We eat meals together and enjoy spending time with other members of His family.

Enjoying God is a good thing. We don’t want to be a church that’s always serious about everything. Jesus paid it all. He won. He invites us to experience life and rest in Him.

we believe in:

Being Transformed Together

One of the most amazing of God’s promises is the promise to transform our lives from the inside out. Sin corrupts everything it touches, including each of us. Living life apart from God, all our priorities end up backwards. We’re focused on ourselves, because we think it will bring life and fulfillment. It doesn’t.

When we begin to experience life in Christ, He gives us the Holy Spirit to erase the corruption of sin and transform us into what we were always meant to be, but it doesn’t happen overnight. When we bring together a bunch of people who all have the Holy Spirit into a gospel-centered community, the transformation begins.

The more we begin to act like Jesus, the more life we find in Christ.

Romans 10:17 says that faith comes from hearing the word of God, so we have a message each week that’s either from a book of the Bible, or looking at a big theme that runs across the Bible. The Holy Spirit uses the word of God to restore the things that sin has corrupted.

Another way transformation takes place is when the Holy Spirit speaks, not only to us directly through the Bible, but to us through another spirit-filled person, so we meet in LifeGroups all over Alaska. In LifeGroups, people get to know each other deeply. We learn where we’re strong and where we’re weak – where God has done amazing work, and where there’s still work to be done. LifeGroups give us an opportunity to pray for each other, encourage each other, and point out each other’s blind spots. It’s in LifeGroups that we are most transformed together.

We believe in:

Demonstrating Life in Christ together

The most famous verse in the Bible, John 3:16 says “for God so loved the world, that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.”

The world we live in has been corrupted by sin and evil – but God wasn’t willing to sit back and do nothing. He sent His son on a rescue mission to make a way to redeem the world. That is the heart of Jesus Christ for the world.

All around us, Alaskans are suffering under the effects of sin and evil. We have the highest rates of alcoholism, sexual abuse and suicide in the nation. As a church, we want to demonstrate Jesus Christ’s heart to the people around us. That means we’re not going to sit there while our friends and neighbors suffer and die under the effects of sin and evil.

We believe that every follower of Jesus is a minister of the gospel, responsible for demonstrating Christ’s heart to the people around them.

Many ChangePoint LifeGroups also engage around the community to meet the practical needs of our neighbors.

Finally, ChangePoint partners with organizations throughout our city, across our state and around the world to fight back against sin and evil – and offer the opportunity to find life in Christ.