Frequently asked questions about the Promised Land Resource Initiative

The Promised Land Resource Initiative is an opportunity for all of us to join together as a church family, for the next three years, to finance the vision of bringing Life in Christ to Every Alaskan for the next decade.
The Promised Land Resource Initiative will finance:

  • The planting of up to 10 new ChangePoint campuses in communities across the state of Alaska, including 3 campuses that will be planted this year.
  • The construction of a Student Center that will be a launching pad for young people from all around Anchorage to hear the gospel, and be trained as disciples of Jesus.
  • Updates and repairs to AdventureLand, our children’s ministry which has not received significant updates in the last 15 years.
If we’re going to bring Life in Christ to Every Alaskan, we have to think beyond the facility. All of Alaska is not going to show up on Sunday at the corner of Minnesota and Raspberry.
We fully support church planting. LifeSpring Bible Church started as a ChangePoint campus in Northeast Anchorage, and became an independent church – and we couldn’t be happier with that outcome.

Planting an independent church is very costly and labor intensive. It comes with significant practical considerations. Who will be our new senior leadership? How will we manage children’s ministry? What about branding? Do we need to hire IT staff? These are just a few of the many hurdles that need to be overcome during the early life of a new church.

By planting campuses, we will be able to “clone” many of the solutions we’ve developed as a church already. This will allow us to focus on gospel-centered ministry much faster than we would be able to when planting independent churches.
There are a number of reasons why we’re choosing to plant campuses now:

  • Unity among the Elders – The Elders of ChangePoint have been praying and seeking God’s will for many years on how God would have us accomplish our vision. The Elder’s unanimously believe that this is the answer to that question.
  • The success of Community Life – In January 2015, we launched Community Life and re-founded Life Groups as the core of life-on-life ministry at ChangePoint. We felt very strongly that this needed to be in place before we could begin to take the gospel across Alaska. Two years later, God has richly blessed this ministry and hundreds of people are now experiencing Life in Christ through Community Life.
  • Advances in technology – When we moved into our current facility in 2004, we could not have imagined the advances in technology that would arrive over the next decade (there was no such thing as an iPhone, and almost no one had Wi-Fi in their house). Advances in technology have made it possible to truly be one church, in many communities in a rich and meaningful way.
  • The success of the campus model across the United States – In 1998, there were 100 multi-site churches in America. By 2014, that number had grown to more than 8,000. Gospel ministry is important, and we don’t want to be a church that jumps on fads. This is now a proven model, and we can learn from both the successes and mistakes of other churches across the country.
Over 100,000 people live in Anchorage North of Tudor and East of the Seward Highway. Another 30,000 live in Chugiak and Eagle River, and 6,500 live on JBER. Tikahtnu Commons has provided us with an incredible location for access from these communities. ChangePoint has long had a desire to better serve both JBER and Northeast Anchorage.
The Mat-Su valley is Alaska’s fastest growing population center. 14% of Alaska now lives in the Mat-Su, more than 100,000 people. Fairbanks is still officially Alaska’s second largest city, but taken together the communities of the Mat-Su have roughly three times the population of Fairbanks. The geographic proximity to Anchorage will also allow us to test our multi-site systems in our own “back yard.”
God has been on the move in the Kotzebue area. We received word that one of our Outreach Partners had done an evangelistic tour of that area, and more than 500 people had professed faith in Jesus. This pastor reached out to us for support in discipling all these new believers. Through that process, we discovered this pastor’s vision of building a ministry hub that would spread the gospel throughout rural communities across Alaska. It was obvious that God was calling us to step in to that vision. We hired that pastor, Lance Kramer, to be the Campus Pastor of ChangePoint Kotzebue.
25% of Anchorage is younger than 18. That’s 75,000 people. Research has repeatedly shown that two-thirds of all Christians accepted Christ before their 18th birthday. Any plan to bring Life in Christ to Every Alaskan must include a plan to reach the next generation.

Since we arrived in our current facility, ChangePoint has never had a purpose-built space for students. They’re currently meeting in a double-wide hallway upstairs that you may not even know exists. That space has created a hard cap on the number of students we can host and minister to.

The new Student Center will triple the capacity of the current “Student Loft,” and make it possible to minister to thousands of young people from across Anchorage in the coming years. It will be purpose- built to facilitate discipleship.
For all of the reasons mentioned above, bringing Life in Christ to the next generation is absolutely essential. We built AdventureLand 15 years ago and it has served us very well – allowing us to minister to thousands of children over that time. Now there are two investments we can make that we believe will carry that momentum forward into the future.

First, there are several areas of AdventureLand that are aging. We intend to replace or upgrade these areas. Second, we intend to finish the rest of the rooms that were never decorated or provided with A/V equipment to support instruction.

And no, we’re not getting rid of the boat, or the Big Slide.