Andrea Arts

Nursery Director
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Michelle Bacher

Worship Team Coordinator
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Seth Bostrom

MatSu Worship Leader
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Adam Brown

Pastor of Student Ministry
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Joel Christensen

MatSu Technical Director
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Dean Crawford

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Joel Engle

Pastor of Preaching & Vision/Elder
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Christine Field

Human Resources Coordinator
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AJ Freeman

Student Ministries Worship Leader
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Chelsea Fullman

Tikahtnu Family Ministries Director
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Josh Funk

Kotzebue Associate Pastor 
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Greg Goforth

Worship Pastor
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Annie Grenier

Due North Director
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Brenda Hanson

Finance Director
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Alex Harder

Tikahtnu Technical Director
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Karen Hoffman

Preschool Director
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Bev Hogan

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Dan Jarrell

Teaching Pastor
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Eric Knight

Director of Campus Ministries
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Lance Kramer

Kotzebue Campus Pastor
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Dan Krause

Mat-Su Valley Campus Pastor
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Ron Lane

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Vanessa Makihele

Family Ministries Director
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Scott Merriner

Executive Pastor of Ministries/Elder
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Joel Mewha

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Tony Murrow

Pastor/Creative Arts and Communications Director
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Vanessa Pedraza

KidsClub Director
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Karl Privoznik

Pastor of Community and Connection
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Lori Privoznik

Community Life Coordinator
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Rod Putt

Pastor/Facilities Manager
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David Roediger

Technical Director
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Kyle Rudy

Middle School Pastor/Outreach Coordinator
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Sandi Scott

Campus Team Administrative Coordinator
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Stephanie Scott

Nursery Director
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Scott Smith

Community and Groups Pastor
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Barb Snell

Executive Assistant
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Rick Steele

Executive Pastor of Operations/Elder
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Bethany Terry

Communications Coordinator
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Justin Terry

Tikahtnu Campus Pastor
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Michael Warren

Pastor of Community and Care
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Jeff Winell

MatSu Family Ministries Director
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