What is CPSM?
We are ChangePoint Student Ministries, a middle and high school ministry ranging from 7th through 12th grade. We hope you'll join us as we hang out, build friendships, and grow together as young men and women of Christ.
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Interested in serving?
There are few things more rewarding than bringing the life of Christ to the next generation.

If you care about that goal as much as we do, we'd love to buy you coffee.

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life in christ for every alaskan student and the world beyond.

Costa Rica 2019
Our high school went on a mission trip to Costa Rica this spring. We had the opportunity to meet with the locals, help them build onto their local church, hang out with their youth ministry, teach English at the surrounding high schools, evangelize in parks and malls, and much more.
What We're To Lately

Our groups meet in the student space. You can access the student space from the Commons area at the front entrance. Look for the sign that says “Students.” You can also ask any of our greeters for directions.

We love your enthusiasm! You can email any of our student ministry staff members and we will get in touch with you about how to become involved.

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