Tikahtnu Campus

Meeting at bartlett high school

ChangePoint Tikahtnu serves the people of JBER and Northeast Anchorage. It's a small, close-knit community that offers the ChangePoint DNA in a mellower context. 

Worship with Tikahtnu

Sunday's @ 10:30 am

Bartlett High School

Watch this week's service:

Past Tikahtnu Sermons

What's the Service Like?

A typical worship service lasts for 75 minutes.


We typically sing 4-5 songs during a worship service. We sing a mix of contemporary music and modern hymns. The time we spend singing together is a worship offering to God. We're led by a volunteer worship team from our congregation, not professional musicians. 


Sermons are 30-35 minutes long based out of a single text from the Bible. We use a team teaching model, so there are a group of preachers who rotate. Some weeks we preach live at our campus, other times we join the Raspberry campus virtually and share a single sermon.

Sometimes we preach through books of the Bible. Other times we look at a theme or idea across the breadth of scripture. 


Most of what we do as a church doesn't happen on Sunday. We dedicate time in the service each week to talk about what's going on and how to can get connected. 

Find Community

Following Jesus is Better Together

We don't just meet on Sundays. We also meet both online and in-person in Life Groups across our community to:
Enjoy God Together • Be Transformed Together • Demonstrate God's Heart Together

Upcoming Events

2020 didn't quite unfold as planned.

This summer we joined forces with the Raspberry campus to better server our city during Covid-19. Now we're back at Bartlett and mapping out events for the fall and spring. Our event calendar will be available ASAP. Until then join us for worship at Bartlett on Sunday, and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with upcoming events and information.

Meet our Staff

Justin Terry - Campus Pastor

Lee Jensen - Worship Pastor

Chelsea Fullman - Family Ministry