We meet Sundays, 10:30am at Bartlett High School

ChangePoint Tikahtnu is a great church to be a part of. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  1. Stuff. 
  2. Things. 
  3. and of course, the Holy Spirit!

So check out our FAQ to learn more. 

We meet for worship every Sunday at 10:30am at Bartlett High School. The service lasts 75 minutes.
The music is AirOne-ish. If you like that music, you’ll like our music. (That’s 104.9FM, or “Alexa, play Air One,” if you want to hear what we’re talking about).

We practice a team-teaching model at ChangePoint. We have a number of different teachers who speak at all four of our campuses. We church that’s delivered via high-quality streaming video.

We love the Bible, and spend most of our time preaching through books of the Bible. Occasionally, we’ll also go through topical or theological sermon series that look at themes or principles across the whole of Scripture.

We love kids at Tikahtnu! On Sunday mornings, we have AdventureLand programming for kids from birth-5th grade. AdventureLand help kids learn to follow God using the metaphor of outdoor adventure!

We also host various community events for families throughout the year. We like being together as a church!


Hi, my name's Justin Terry. 

I have the privilege of serving as the pastor of ChangePoint Tikahtnu. As you can see, I'm married with two kids, which adds to my credibility. I'm finishing my pilot's license, so you know I have a life. 

I love serving our military community because my family is brimming with war heroes - and I'm a patriot. 

Here's what you'll find at ChangePoint Tikahtnu:

  • People following a God who can really transform your life. 
  • A community that cares about each other. 
  • Music and teaching that's really quite good, and really quite close. 

So, you should totally come out. We're very normal people.