Alaska Mission Trips 2024

ChangePoint is involved in rural ministry efforts in Kotzebue and Marshall, Alaska. Each summer we send teams of church members to both locations for service projects to the missionaries serving there, and to run our annual Kattivik Bible Camp. 

Marshall Trip  |  May 24-29

John & Margaret Lewis serve as our missionaries in the Lower Yukon village of Marshall. They operate a Teen Center Program for community youth and open the church for funeral services and other community events. They are beloved by us and the people of Marshall.

This year our team will be installing a new fuel tank for their primary heater, and performing other repairs on the church and parsonage.

If you would like to join this year's Marshall team email Eric Knight at

Kattivik Bible Camp  |   June 15 - July 27

The word "kattivik" is an Inupiaq word meaning "meeting place" and that's exactly what our camps are designed to do - to be a meeting place for the youth of Northern Alaska to meet God on the land He has created.

This year we are setting up camp in a new location, so we will be sending 3 consecutive set-up teams to construct and prepare the camp - then 3 ministry teams to help operate camps.

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