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Not Ashamed: A Study Through 2 Timothy

Starting Sunday, January 8 - we are diving into the book of 2 Timothy. This is the last letter that the Apostle Paul ever wrote. He wrote it from a Roman prison to his "son in the faith" and protegé Timothy, who is pastoring the church in Ephesus that Paul himself founded.

Timothy is facing new problems and challenges both inside and outside the church. In this deeply personal letter, Paul shares his wisdom on:
• when people you love leave the faith.
• remaining faithful in an increasingly hostile culture.
• the right way to address "controversies."
• and many more.

Join us for this 5 week series from Sunday, January 8 through Sunday, February 5.
9:30am, 11:30am and 6:00pm

Streaming live online at 9:30am on Facebook, YouTube, in the ChangePoint App and online at

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