Nothing is more worthwhile than the investment we make in our children's spiritual lives.

Life in Christ for the Next Generation is our vision and mission in AdventureLand for birth through 5th grade, and that is accomplished as we invest in, love on, pour into and pray for children each week.  

Join us:  Raspberry at 9:30 | 11:30 | 6:00pm (AWANA)
Easter Devotional Guide for Your Family

During Easter, we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that your family can use this guide to remember and reflect upon the beauty of what has been done through the cross of Christ.

Use these devotions, activities, and prayer times to help your family worship Jesus this Easter. He is risen. Let’s celebrate!


MARCH 22, 2024 7PM-9PM

Last year this event sold out quickly, so don't miss out on this event! This year, we're opening registration even earlier than in years past (shout out to all the dads who have reached out asking when they can register!) Moms, help your daughters pick out the perfect princess dress and help them get ready! Dad's make a reservation and take her out for dinner before you take her to the ball!

We'll have a DJ and music, provide snacks/desserts, and will have a little trinket for your daughter to remember the ball!
MONDAY: "We believe and we know you are the Holy One of God." John 6:69
TUESDAY: "Just as I have loved you, you should love one another." John 13:34
WEDNESDAY: "I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart." John 14:27


More details to come, but for now.....heres the bible verses  for each day!

THURSDAY: "I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying." John 11:25
FRIDAY: "For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only son that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

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We can't wait to meet your family! Here's some info that can help you on your first Sunday!
KID TIP: You HAVE to go down the slide!  Stay after service and let the kids go down the 2 story tall slide, or play on the boat! It's hard to explain--come and check it out (and parents can go down the slide too)!


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Children's Ministry Team

Vanessa Makihele

Children's Ministry Pastor
Raspberry Campus

Devin Waddle

Rod Putt

Administrative Assistant
Raspberry Campus
Awana Commander
Raspberry Campus

This  Month  In  CP  Kids


February 25th at the 9:30 and 11:30 service
Baptisms will be shown live on FB, through the app and on YouTube at the 9:30 service.

There is also a recap video available on FB if you'd like to send it to family or friends!


March 10th at the 9:30 and 11:30 service
 We love partnering with parents and one way we do that is with our family services--an intentional time for families to worship together! Save the date as our cpkids will be worshipping with their families on March 10th.

We'll have a kids edition of the "sermon notes" and if they complete it and turn it in, they'll earn mountain bucks for the next store day!


For Sunday morning 
Here are the upcoming store dates for AdventureLand.

March 3th: AWANA Store

March 17th: AWANA Store

March 24th: Elementary Store


March 10, 17, 24
We are looking for 30 people to join our volunteer serving teams for Easter. Service times are 9:30 and 11:30. We don't close check in on Easter and will need as many people as possible to help us in the classrooms, especially as we prepare for lots of guests and our Gospel presentation that day.

Sign up in the commons!


MARCH 2024

APRIL 2024

Children's    Weekly    Programming

AdventureLand (birth - 5th Grade)

(All Campuses)
During our Sunday morning services, we offer AdventureLand for children from birth through 5th grade. AdventureLand uses a hiking metaphor to teach kids what it means to follow Jesus. In the Elementary classes kids can use a H.I.K.E.R. Guide, to help them learn a value-driven framework for spiritual formation.

Elementary Kids earn Mountain Money and H.I.K.E.R. awards, and all our kids receive loads of encouragement from their leaders, and make lots of new friends. Your children will gain confidence to spend time with God, navigate His word, and partner with others on their very own spiritual adventure.

If you have any questions about AdventureLand please contact Vanessa Makihele

AWANA (birth - 8th Grade)

(Raspberry Campus Only, Sept-May)
We offer AWANA during the school year  for children from birth-8th grade at our Sunday evening service (6:00pm at CP Raspberry). Awana offers a fun, proven approach for early evangelism and deep discipleship.

If you have any questions about Awana please contact Commander Putt.

Kids-Club (birth -12 years)

(Raspberry Campus Only)
KidsClub is a support ministry for adult training opportunities & events throughout the week. KidsClub provides a safe, fun learning environment for your children from birth through 12-years-old while you’re growing deeper in your faith.  
KidsClub includes a full lesson and activities for every child, every time.

For most events there is a small fee for the use of KidsClub.  To ensure a quality experience, we require prior registration for all children in KidsClub.  You can register your children at the same time you register for your event and the cost will be listed in the event information.  

If you have any questions about KidsClub please contact Vanessa Pedraza.

Make a lasting impact.

By saying yes to volunteering, you are saying yes to something much bigger:

You are serving others,  you’re giving your life away, you become part of community, you discover how God has wired you, you use the unique gifts God has blessed you with, you take part in expanding the Kingdom of God, you are making an eternal impact, you make this big church small, you become a disciple maker and you Glorify God...your life will never be the same again



(Raspberry Campus Only)
Parent Commitment Child Dedication is an opportunity for parents to publicly declare their intention to be the spiritual leaders of their home and to commit to raising their children in the church. This workshop is designed to prepare parents for the Child Dedication Celebration Ceremony in Sunday services.  

This workshop is offered 3 times per calendar year and is designed for parents. When registering for the class, please register the parent's/guardians attending  and not the child(ren) to be dedicated.

Children's Baptism Workshop

(Raspberry Campus Only)
Any child who has questions about baptism or is ready to make a commitment of faith and be baptized can attend this workshop with their parent/guardian.  This workshop will explain what baptism is and why it is significant in the life of a follower of Jesus.  

Workshop attendance is required in order to participate in the baptism celebrations in Sunday services.

This workshop is offered 3 times per calendar year and is geared towards elementary age children.  Parents are expected to attend with children.  

Kids Discipleship Class  (2 weeks)

(Raspberry Campus Only)
This class is specifically designed to help elementary children grow in their faith and understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

During the 2-week class we will cover a variety of topics:
  • salvation
  • baptism and communion
  • what it means to be a church "member"
  • the importance of Bible reading, prayer, & worship 
  • service and giving
  • how to tell your testimony
  • continuing to grow as a Christian in difficult times

This class is offered 3 times per calendar year and is designed for elementary age children.  

Andrea Arts

Nursery Director
Raspberry Campus

Vanessa Pedraza

Preschool & KidsClub Director
Raspberry Campus

Heidi Hale

Elementary Director
Raspberry Campus