Global Partners

Mike and Kirsten Belloni


Mike and Kirsten have served in Cambodia where they helped bring hope to a nation through art and education. They served as educators and administrators for Logos International School, a mission of Asian Hope in Cambodia. They are now living back in Alaska, but continue to work and partner with mission organizations in Cambodia.

Curtis & Jen Burnam

The Multiply Project

Curtis and Jen serve with Missionary Gospel Fellowship to disciple students and adults through short term mission trips, training  Latin American youth leaders and pastors to develop disciple making youth ministries in the US and Latin America, and  training local youth workers to create disciple making youth ministries.

Jesus Film Project


The Jesus Film Project works to bring the greatest story of all time to everyone, everywhere, in every language. The Jesus Film team works to translate the Jesus Film, which is based on the Gospel of Luke, into every language so that people can hear the Gospel in their own heart language. Three of our ChangePoint family members work with the Jesus Film Project around the world. Due to the nature of their work, we cannot disclose their identity.

Tom & Wendy Liesener


Tom and Wendy Liesener are serving with Ripe for Harvest in Southeast Asia. Together, they are helping missionary families stay on the mission field by serving at Grace International School, a missionary school, in Thailand. After serving in China previously, they are excited for the Lord to use them once again in Asia!

Max Schaafsma


Max Schaafsma is serving the Lord in Milan, Italy with CEDE Sports. Max is a pastor in the church Punto Luce focusing on youth ministry as well as using sports as a tool for sharing the Gospel with teammates and friends.

Michael & Nina Schaafsma


Serving with CEDE Sports, Michael is the founding pastor of the Punto Luce (Point of Light) church. Together Michael and Nina serve their community through preaching, teaching, worship, youth events, family ministry, and friendship as well as various outreaches through dinners and sporting events. 

David & Anne Sheahan


David and Anne serve with  Overseas Missionary Fellowship in Chiang Mai, Thailand where they help people know the greatness of Christ accurately and personally. They make it a priority to introduce the gospel to the Thai Buddhists and to walk alongside fellow believers that are weathering heavy challenges. 

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