Identity - Week 3

Jan 30, 2011    Greg McCormick    1 Corinthians 1:10-17

This church is a mess! Fights are breaking out everywhere. Church members divided in their loyalty to people, instead of to God. One says, I follow Paul, another I follow Peter, or I follow Apollos. I really like Lee, or Dan or Greg may sound more like what you might hear today.

In this day of webcast and podcast, streaming video and satellite television, access to a bevy of great "Christian" teachers is available to us at the push of a button. Although this can be very good, it can also be very dangerous. If we're not watchful, it's possible to lose sight of the message because we're focused on the messenger.

That's exactly what occurred in the Church at Corinth. The Church had lost its intended focus. The focus of the church must always be the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Central to the Gospel is the atoning work of Christ on the Cross. That was Paul's message to the church in Corinth more than 2000 years ago. Is the message still relevant for followers of Christ today? You bet it is!