Much changed in 2020.

The mission of God did not. 

Our vision is to bring Life in Christ to Every Alaskan and the World Beyond. Our church partners  with dozens of missionaries and organizations across Alaska and around the world dedicated to that goal, and for the past few years we've had them as speakers at a missions conference in January.

This year we've taken the conference online, and our theme for the conference is Remodel: All things new. God is in the business of life change. Just like we might remodel a home, He is dedicated to remodeling our hearts and lives.

We asked our partners in light of 2020, how was God remodeling their lives and ministries and what He was showing them through the renovation.  

How to enjoy the conference.

This is our first time doing an online missions conference. We wanted to give lots of options to make it easy to fit into your life, community and ministry context. 

Watch it as a single event.

You can watch the full conference as a single, three-hour video event. We'll be streaming live on Monday, January 18 at 10:00am on FacebookYoutubeChurch Online and in the ChangePoint app.

Watch individual sessions.

Below you'll find each session from the conference individually. Each session includes the video, along with a Group Discussions and links & readings related to the topic. 

Integrate it into your Life Group

If you're part of a Life Group, consider using one of the sessions as a way to talk about missions and being on mission together. Each session has a Group Discussion Guide attached that you can use to get the conversation rolling. 

Meet Our Speakers

Mike Belloni

Mike & Kirsten Belloni are professional educators and ChangePoint members who have served in Cambodia since 2012.

Grant Funk

Grant and Lena Funk live in McGrath, Alaska. They provide training and insight for churches on how to disciple and parent children who have experienced early childhood trauma and prenatal alcohol exposure.

Kristen Bierma

Kristen Bierma is the Executive Director of Beacon Hill and Safe Families for Children. These ministries serve at-risk families across Alaska.

Schaafsma Family

The Schaafsma family were ChangePoint members when God called them to plant a church in Milan, Italy - which was the epicenter of Covid in that country in the spring of 2020.

Jim Hamilton

Jim Hamilton serves as Executive Director of Arctic Barnabas Ministries, which equips and supports missionaries across the Arctic in Alaska, Canada and Siberia.

Curtis  Burnam

Curtis and Jen have been a part of ChangePoint almost since the beginning. They have years of experience in discipleship training across three continents.

Full 3-Hour Event

Remodel: Conference Sessions

Next Steps


Perspectives on the World Christian movement is a paradigm shifting course that helps Jesus followers discover how God is redeeming people from every tribe, tongue, and nation and how he calls all disciples to participate with him. The course explores the Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic dimensions of God's redemptive story. This is a college level course. For more information click the button below.

Compassion: 30 Days of Heartwork

Heartwork is an immersive 30-day experience for you and your family. If you've ever wanted to do a daily devotion time with your family, now's the time! Over the course of four weeks you'll dig into the topics of Letting Go, Identity, Compassion, and Mission. This study is available for free and they include a step by step user guide to help you along the way!  

Radius International

Located in Mexico, Radius is an intensive ten-month long program which focuses on training up long-term cross-cultural church planters. If you are interested in becoming a pioneer church planter among an unreached language or people group, Radius will help prepare you to survive the rigors of church planting in a cross-cultural context. Check out their video or click  the button for more info!

Joshua Project

Joshua Project exists to mobilize and inform followers of Jesus to pray for the unreached people groups of the world. The Great Commission is not yet complete. Will you pray for the lost in 2021? Check out Joshua Projects website to find all kinds of great resources and information to help get you started!

Radical aims to train and equip Christians and churches to spread the gospel, to make disciples, and to multiply churches among the nations. Check out the Radical website for engaging podcasts and teaching videos by Pastor David Platt and the Radical team on fulfilling the Mission of God.

Have something to say?

If you have questions about the conference, about any of our mission partners, or if God is prompting something in you: reach out!

Fill out the form below to contact our Missions Pastor, Kyle Rudy.