Kattivik Bible Camp.

What We're About.

Kattivik Bible Camp is a camp ran by ChangePoint Kotzebue pastors and various volunteers from around the country. The word "kattivik" is an Inupiaq word meaning "meeting place" and that's exactly what our camps are designed to do - to be a meeting place for the youth of Northern Alaska to meet God on the land He has created. We focus on three areas of growth as we camp;
Cultural Growth - We desire to allow our Inupiaq native youth learn more about our culture by spending time fishing, cutting fish, shooting, chopping wood, hiking, and other activities.

Emotional Growth - We help our youth grow emotionally by giving them a safe space to be open and vulnerable with their peers. Many of our youth come in shy or with built up emotional walls and leave with new friends and new ways to express their emotional needs and share their story.

Spiritual Growth - Most important out of all of these, we are first and foremost a Bible Camp and a meeting place for students to meet the Lord. We preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified and the forgiveness of our sins through His death and resurrections. Every student will leave this camp knowing Jesus more than they did when they arrived, and many youth develop a strong personal relationship with God right here at Kattivik Bible Camp.

Ways To Get Involed

Do you want to help support Kattivik Bible Camp and our indigenous youth? There are many ways to get involved, all of which we welcome you to explore!

Give to Kattivik Bible Camp

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit camp. We continue to do what we do because of the gracious donations by businesses and individuals like you. Financial support is one generous way of supporting this amazing ministry. To give financially to our ministry, please click here!


Our ministry prioritizes the power of prayer and we ask you continue to pray for Kattivik. 
Our camp is ran by volunteers and are the backbone of everything that we do. If you would like to join us, we welcome you to apply for service as a volunteer and see first hand what we do as a leader! To register as a volunteer, click here!


Are you reading this and are in Middle school or High school? Then we would enjoy your company at this years camp! Spaces are limited, so feel free to register now and learn more about what attending Kattivik Camp is like. To register, click here!

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