Matthew: Week 55

Nov 18, 2012    Dave Rhodes    Matthew 28:16-20


1. Read Matthew 28:16-20. In this commission Jesus tells his followers to "disciple all nations." What specific things does Jesus say "discipleship" involves?

2. "All nations" translates the Greek phrase "ta ethna" which means, "all ethnic groups." What "ethnic groups" do you encounter on a daily basis as you live and work here in Anchorage? Have you considered them as an opportunity to pursue the great commission? Why or why not?

3. Make a list of the people who you think God has used to "disciple" you. Now make a list of those you consider yourself to "be discipling." If you can't think of anyone you are discipling, pray that God will lead you to someone. If you have disciples on your list, pray for each one that they will understand the nature of God more fully and obey the teachings of Jesus more completely.