Matthew: Week 53

Nov 4, 2012    Dan Jarrell    Matthew 27:1-61


1. Matthew 27:1-61 provide Matthew's record of the crucifixion of Jesus and the events surrounding that crucifixion. Read the account and list the "players in this passion play." Who is involved and how do they contribute to the story?

2. Can you separate the players into groups defined by their attitudes toward or behaviors surrounding who Jesus is? Make a list grouping them in as few groups as possible and clarifying what they have in common or what makes them distinct from one another.

3. Choose one player from each list and consider your own attitudes and behaviors in light of those two players. How are you like them? How are you different? What changes should you make in your attitude or behavior in light of what you have learned? Ask Jesus to work those changes in you as you move forward in faith.