Matthew: Week 37

Jul 1, 2012    Lee Hudson    Matthew 17:24-27 & 22:15-22


1. Read Matthew 17:24-27 and 22:15-22. There are two different types of taxes considered in these two passages. What are those taxes and how are they different? What does Jesus tell his disciples to do in each case?

2. In Matthew 17:24-27 Jesus addresses the temple tax. How is that tax
different than taxes paid to Caesar? Why does Jesus tell them to pay that tax? What do you think he is trying to teach his disciples by providing the money for the tax through a fishing miracle?

3. Jesus tells his disciples to pay Caesar what is due Caesar. Why would he support taxation from a godless leader? What does he say is due from us to God? How might you apply this to our modern circumstances and specifically to your personal lives.