Matthew: Week 15

Nov 27, 2011    Jim Capaldo    Matthew 5:9, 7:24-29


1. Have you ever known someone that you would naturally call a "peacemaker"? Why is that title appropriate for them? What do they do or how do they handle themselves that makes you think of them in that way?

2. Jesus says that peacemakers are blessed because "they shall be called sons of God." Why do you think that particular promise is appropriate for peacemakers? Clearly Jesus' promise is to both men and women and yet he says "they shall be called sons of God." Do you think that distinction
is important or can we think of it as "children of God?" Is there something that "son" communicates and "child" does not?

3. Think of a relationship you know of [it could be a relationship you have with someone or a relationship between two people you know] that is broken or stressed because of conflict. How might you be a "peacemaker" in that specific situation? What might you do this week to help make peace?